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Light Weight Hunting Back Quiver Shoulder Archery Arrow Quiver Holder Bow Belt Shoulder Bag Holder Case Tube for Hunting Shooting Recurve Bows - Mofoegear

Light Weight Hunting Shoulder Archery Arrow Bow Holder

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Easy to carry on back.

Package included: 1x Quiver

Easy to carry and take off, Accommodates arrows of 25"-30"

Brand New and HIgh Quality 

Material: PE 

Diameter: 8cm 

Size:length: 65cm 

Extending length: 110cm. 

Archery quiver holder, made from plastic with a black and red design 

Big capacity,the quiver will hold up to 20 arrows 

The quiver holder can also be used for an array of other jobs such as storing/transporting 

rolled paintings and drawings. 

Portable and Durable 

Extendible and Telescopic 

Extends to up to different lengths 

Adjustable back strap, to keep the quiver comfortable 

Package Included: 

1x Extendable Telescopic Archery Arrow Back Shoulder Quiver Scroll Holder Case Tube 

(Arrows are not included)